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President of UMB(E)A
Arsen Ghazaryan

The Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen (Employers) of Armenia (UMB(E)A) was founded on March 23, 1996 by the Constituent Assembly. The Second Assembly was held on May 15, 1999, the Third Special Assembly - on June 23, 2001, and the Fourth � on March 30, 2005.

UMB(E)A is a not-for-profit non-governmental organization that unites businessmen which hold the leading position in economic entities.

The inherent feature of the UMB(E)A activities, which has great authority in Armenia as well as in foreign countries, is the active participation in improving the economic legislation and protection of interests of local manufacturers, development of international business co-operation, creation of mutually beneficial relations for companies inside Armenia and abroad.

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UMB(E)A performs its activities on the basis of self-management, transparency and democracy, with the principles of voluntariness and equality of membership. UMB(E)A cooperates constructively with all power structures: The Administration of the President of RA, the National Assembly and its committees, the Government of RA with its units.

UMB(E)A cooperates with a number of Armenian non-governmental organizations including: the Association of Accountants and Auditors of Armenia, �Armenian Merchants�, The Banks Union of Armenia, SME Development Centre, the Union of Economists, the Union of Farmers, the Union of Consumers, the Engineering Academy of Armenia and other organizations. UMB(E)A has signed agreements on co-operation and partnership with these organizations for consolidating joint efforts in supporting the process of business development.


The managing bodies of UMB(E)A are: the Assembly, the Board, the Presidium, the President. The supreme managing body of the Union is the Assembly, which is held not less than once in 3 years.

The Assembly of the Union is empowered to insert additions, to incorporate changes and ratify the Union�s new Charter as well as to ratify the reports of the Board and the Supervising Commission, perspective programs of the Union�s activities. The Delegates of the Assembly elect the Board, the Supervising Commission, and in case of need make decisions about reorganization or cessation of UMB(E)A' s activities

The President of the Union is the Chief official of UMB(E)A, he represents Union�s interests in the governmental and legislative bodies, in public, international and foreign organizations. The President acts in accordance with the decisions of the Assembly, the Board, the Presidium and the Charter of the Union. The President of the Union at present is also the member of the Business Support Council (BSC) which has been established by the decree of the President of RA. BSC implements its activities under the chairmanship of the Prime-Minister of RA.

The Board of the Union Union is empowered to elect vice-presidents, form permanent and temporary commissions of the Union, found representations, branches of UMB(E)A both on the territory of RA as well as in foreign countries. The Assembly of the Union determines and ratifies the number of the Board members and its personnel. Board meetings are held once in 3 months.

The Presidium of the Union is elected by the Board of UMB(E)A, it settles the issues concerning the membership and walkout, and also issues provided by the Charter. The Presidium meetings are held not less than once in a month, where every Board member can participate with the right of decisive vote.

The Board of the Union coordinates the activities of the Union in the following directions:

• legal protection of the interests of businessmen and improvement of economic legislation,

• international relations,

• promotion of export (organization of business-forums, exhibitions and other events)

• advocacy of the domestic manufacturers,

• development of small and medium businesses,

• assistance to attracting of foreign investments,

• finance and credit policy and equity market,

• ensuring of the quality of production and Services, their competitiveness and certification

• training and retraining of highly skilled specialists for doing business.

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