The activities of the UMB(E)A are directed to formation of auspicious business environment and protection of the interests of business community by means of gradual inculcation of liberal economic legislation, research of leading world business experience, marketing and search for partners in domestic and foreign markets.

The main goals of the Union are: promotion of development of the private sector, formation of business community in Armenia, creation of favourable climate and public opinion for inflow of foreign investments, the integration of Armenia into world economy.

While implementing its activities the Union is guided by the Charter of UMB(E)A and directs its potential and forces to the realization of the following tasks:

• support the creation of favourable conditions for business development and formation of the "class of entrepreneurs".

• support and assist in the creation of market infrastructures, elaboration of strategy for structural changes and future development of the main branches of industry and economy, the modernization of manufacturing processes and production of competitive goods.

• support the formation of legal state through strengthening the market economy relations.

• actively participate in projects for development of the Armenian economy, in elaboration of draft economic legislative and standard acts and their independent examination.

• participate in the activities for the improvement of the tax policy aimed to stimulate the development of entrepreneurship.

• create trustworthy relations with similar foreign organizations and business circles the Armenian Diaspora.

• support the training of entrepreneurs and SME management staff that meet modern international requirements.

• inform UMB(E)A members about the economic policy carried out in Armenia, the adopted laws and decisions.

• establish continuous and constructive dialogue with the Government and the Legislative body of the country, to bring to the notice of respective governmental instances problems and issues which touch upon the group interests of businessmen.

• support the improvement of finance and credit policy of the Republic for attracting foreign and local investments.

• advocate the rights and legal interests of the members of the Union.

• organize business-forums, seminars, exhibitions, trade-fairs, stimulate competitiveness of goods and Services produced in the country and the growth of export potential.


Since 1997 the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia is a member of the International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, constantly participates in the activities of the International Labour Organization (ILO).

On the grounds of signed agreements UMB(E)A cooperates with foreign organizations: the Unions of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia; the Union of Armenians in Russia, the Georgian Tax-Payers Union; Chambers of Commerce of Greece, Poland, Romania, Argentina, Turkey; Federations and Associations of Entrepreneurs of Lebanon, Egypt, Bulgaria; the Iran-Armenia Chamber of Commerce, French Confederation of Small and Medium Businesses, Lithuanian Union of Businessmen, American Council of Scientists and Engineers of Armenia, Moscow Association of Businessmen.

In order to support the cooperation between businessmen of Armenia and foreign countries, business forums have been organized, with the participation of Armenian businessmen on the one side and businessmen of Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lebanon, Iran, Romania, France, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Argentine, Brazil, Portugal on the other.

The Union periodically organizes special discussions, explores the markets of different countries, considers the expediency of organizing exhibitions of Armenian production with the intention to form in perspective Armenian trade houses in the given countries. Simultaneously samples of Armenian goods and respective legal and other information on taxation, customs legislation, association and trade agreements are rendered to the interested party.

The introduction of International Quality Management systems and certification according to ISO 9000 standards and recently also OSHAS 18001 Occupational Safety systems and HASSP Food Safety Regulation systems into their companies by many members of the Union has supported export.

Cooperation Agreements



Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry



Informational-business center of Saint-Petersburg Government



MOU between Italian-Spanish trade consortium “Kossex”



Union of Czech and Moravian Production Co-operatives



Armenian Development Agency



MOU between the Exporters Association of Northern Greece (SEVE)



Egyptian Businessmen’s Association



MOU between United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)



MOU between Federation of Greek Industries (SEV)



Programme of Technical Cooperation between the Ministry of Labour and Social Issues of the Republic of Armenia, Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen (Employers) of the Republic of Armenia, Confederation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Armenia and International Labour Organization



Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rostov Region (Russia)



Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs



The General Union of Romania’s Industrialists



Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists



Bulgarian Industrial Association



Federation of Indian of Commerce and Industry



Byelorussian Scientific Industrial Association



Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs



Moscow Entrepreneurs’ Association



Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania



Within the last five years there has been a stable economic growth of GDP in Armenia: it has made 13.6% in 2003 and 10.5% in 2004. A definite contribution to this have made UMB(E)A and its members who, using their intellectual and financial potential, expand their companies, scope of activities, create new workplaces. In particular, the essential part (about 70%) of financial arrivals into State budget with regard to tax proceeds is provided by the members of the Union and this also tends to grow from year to year.

The Union is frequently involved in state economic and social programs implemented in Armenia, the most important of which today are “The Strategic Program of Poverty Reduction” and “The Anticorruption Strategic Program”.

Many economic projects of the Union are supported by international organizations such as: the Eurasia Foundation, the European Union, the World Bank, UNDP, USAID and others. Besides the Union has implemented and takes part in the implementation of the following projects:

• The Eurasia Foundation – Monitoring and Support to Liberalization of Economic Legislation

• VET – a program which supports the development of an integrated and unified vocational education training system in Armenia directed to training experts in accordance with the needs of businesses, also aimed at increasing the employment in RA.

• AEPLAC – Armenian European Policy and Legal Advice Center, aimed at improving the RA legislation in accordance with EU criteria, particularly in tax and customs fields.

• Together with “Armenian Merchants” NGO, establishment of the “Armenian Foundation of Independent Analyses” in April 2004,, the mission of which is to support the creation of favorable environment for businesses and formation of dialogue between the state and the society through independent analyses and researches.

• Together with OSCE, implementation of the “Assessment of Corruption Risks in Customs Services of the Republic of Armenia” program In November 2004.

• The EU BAS program, which supports provision of business consultation.

• Cooperation with the French University of Armenia in training experts capable to found their own businesses and to manage companies.

• Cooperation with the International Labour Organization in the sphere of social welfare, creation of safe and secure work conditions.

The Union plays the lead role in organizing of discussions of draft laws and legislative changes and coordination of the participation of the interested parties – governmental and non-governmental organizations, representatives of private businesses. In these regards the participation of UMB(E)A in the following discussions may be mentioned: the discussion of the draft of “The RA Law on Tax Inspections”, discussion of “The RA Law on Social Cards”, discussion of the draft of the Labour Legislation, discussion of “The RA Law on Social Security of the Population in case of employment and unemployment”.

UMB(E)A supports the implementation of some social and cultural programs. Particularly, notable financial assistance has been rendered to the “Golden Apricot” First International Film Festival, to the construction of “North-South” highway in Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, “Chess” Academy etc.


The main function of UMB(E)A’s informational Services is to provide information to the managing bodies and the members of the Union using contemporary communication systems. By using global and local computer networks the information is timely brought to the attention of the Union members.

UMB(E)A actively cooperates with mass media, scientists, R&D groups. Considering the matter of future cadres a cause of cardinal importance and concernment of businessmen the Union cooperates with higher educational institutions, the American University of Armenia, the French University of Armenia.

The members of the Union attach high importance to contacts with mass media. They regularly appear in press with economic and political reviews, conceptual suggestions, opinions concerning the situation of the country’s economy, about perspectives and problems of local manufacturers.

It is already for several years that “Banugorts” TV program is being broadcasted, the participants of which are mostly the members of the Union. The programs are often dedicated to a certain company, its achievements and problems, constantly inform about the successes of the Union.

The informational field includes analysis of publications in mass media, TV programs, issues on cooperation with Armenian and foreign organizations, advertisements and announcements.

The informational activities of the Union are aimed to promote the establishment and lobbying of the interests of entrepreneurship in the country.

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